Technology center for blockchain and AI development

We are establishing a center for blockchain and AI development focused on retail tourism and capital risk management in Barcelona. The center will provide multiple career options for technology and business students and entrepreneurs, enable businesses to safely test a range of technologies and models in a controlled environment and provide a wide range of investment opportunities. The center will also hold a yearly event that brings different technologies, disciplines and sectors together from all over the world.

Students and entrepreneurs

Catalonia has great weather, golden beaches, palm trees and the turquoise Mediterranean. It is also relatively inexpensive and laid back while simultaneously being very business performance oriented. The center will pay above-the-market salaries to stimulate a specific section of the local economy and, against London, New York, Silicon Valley, Berlin and other Western technology-oriented cities, provides a direct pricing advantage for any type of digital platform. If you want this opportunity . . .

. . . contact us right now.

Businesses and investors

Bringing developers and businesses together - and enabling them to cooperate in controlled, regional pilot projects - yields significant advantages on both sides. A technology that increases the market share, turnover and profitability for Banco Sabadell in Catalonia can easily be adapted to the entire Mediterranean region and implemented worldwide. Regular due diligence is carried out on all participating start-ups with weekly performance reports on each venture invested in. Your involvement is important.

Join us

IIeX-EU February 19 - 20

IIeX-EU kicks-off yet again in Amsterdam with its blasts of creative energy and outside-the-box thinkers. Gage-Cannon chairman, Snorri H. Gudmundsson, will be presenting how the blockchain can benefit market research with Rolfe W. Swinton, approaching it from five directions: creative, disruptive, financial, regulatory and political. To get first-hand information about the Barcelona technology center, he will be present throughout the event.

GDPR and blockchain

The GDPR is a concern for any company that intercepts and manages personally identifiable information about users and customers within the EU. The blockchain can be effectively applied to resolve many of the challenges related to GDPR and major corporations such as SONY and IBM have developed unique ways to ensure account security. That said, the blockchain is only as strong as its weakest link and as such must be approached cautiously.